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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Lost Interview with ThEmIsFiTiShErE

TLI: Out of all your brilliant losigations which one do you think is the best?
I think THe BEST question WAS why SOMEONE tried to Bury poor Libby!!

TLI: Is your cat a great lostigator too? If so, what's his best theory?
No!! That IS not a very good QUESTION!! MY cat does not have A fork to
WATCH with!!

TLI: When do you expect the evil Alvin Hanso (aka Bernard) to make his move?
I think HE as already MADE a move!!

TLI: Do you believe Bernard is more powerful than Widmore and Ben together?
Yes!! Bernard (aka THE evil Alfred Hanso) as Proved HIS power

TLI: Were you born with your lostigation skills, or did you study at a special institue of higher lostigation?
YES i was born!! I went to A special School and I learnt to WATCH lost
upside down!!

TLI: What kind of role would you like to have in Lost if you ever got on it?
I would LIKE to be A Dharma BUS!!

TLI: Why do you think most actors are falling sleep during the shots lately? Has your detector recognition software found the reason?
I think IT is either LAZY writing or THEY are suffering from the SICkness

TLI: What is your opinion as to why the statue is wearing a mini-skirt?
I thiNK the statue is a PHOTO of a young LIBBY!!

TLI: How do you think Lost will end?
With the LOST logo and some music!!

TLI: Could you tell me something about your “sources”?
I have A lot of SOURCES!!My best source is A MOLE called mole MAN!!

TLI: Apart from your own blog, which Lost fan sites do you like?
MY favorite LOST site is!! It users some MAGIC as I can type in LOST and Factoids come out!!

TLI: What’s the smoke monster?
A monster MADE of smoke!!

TLI: Who’s Jacob?
HE is a person WHO is trapped in A electroMAGnet field that keeps him on THE island!!I suspect THAT jacob is someONE who has CONTACTED the FLight 816 Passengers IN the past!!

TLI: What are your favorite episode, season and character on Lost?
SEASON 1 IS my best!!
EPsiode is the ONE with the Mutant!! ->
My best CHARACTER is Kevin Inwood!! ->

TLI: What do you think of Damien Limedoff and Carlton Cussed?
I ont KNOW who they ARE!!

TLI: At the beginning, how did you get visitors to your blog?
I think ABC sent people to MY site as I had completed 98.0958% of LOST!!

TLI: How did you get so many fans?
I dont KNOW!! i THINK people found ME from a Website iN peru!!

TLI: How has fame affected you?
I have HAD to hide a LOT and stay in DOORs!! I can NO long go to the shops with MY pussy!!

TLI: Did you ever date a cast or crew member?

TLI: Now that through your recognition software you found out about Kate's pregnancy, who do you believe the baby is going to be? And more important, is Alvin Hansen behind it all?
His NAME is alfred Hasom!! The BABY is going to BE aaron!!

TLI: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! Is there something you want to tell all your fans?
I would LIKE to say thanks FOR all the lovely COMMENTS on my bog and
FOR people WHO have MADE t-shirts etc ABOUT me!!

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Dav7 said...

WHOWWW I didn't knew this guy, but now I am another fan


great and funny interview ;)

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