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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Lost Interview with Jorge Garcia

NOTE: The following interview contains very mild spoilers.

TLI: Let’s start with some short non Lost questions. What's the best band ever?

Ever? Ooo! That's a bold question. It's hard to deny the Stones although I listen to the Beach Boys more often.

TLI: Who's the most famous person on your mobile phone?
J.J. Abrams?

TLI: What's guaranteed to make you mad?
If anyone hurts my dog.

TLI: What's your most extravagant purchase ever?
A painting.

TLI: What's the most outrageous thing you've ever heard about yourself?
That I'm a sex symbol.

TLI: Who would you most like to go to the pub with for one hour?
Shane MacGowan

TLI: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
I'm a Ferrari. If they should want to make their movie with say a Hyundai. It doesn't take away from em being a Ferrari.

TLI: What's been your worst fashion disaster?
I don't know. I sometimes try to run errands early in the morning in the clothes I've slept in.

TLI: What's your favorite smell?
New rain on hot asphalt.

TLI: Do you have any recurring dreams?
No, but last night I dreamt a bunch of us were being attacked by hippos that could get up on their hind legs.

TLI: What's your favorite swear word?
I'll save this question for James Lipton.

TLI: What is your favorite part about filming in Hawaii?
Pretty much that. I'm filming in Hawaii. There's nothing like it.

TLI: And what’s the worst part?
Bugs I guess.

TLI: What has been your favorite scene of the series to date which included you?
Hmm... I shot one that hasn't aired yet that I like very much. I can't say right now though.

TLI: And what is your favorite scene without you?
I liked the scene when Locke is trying to convince Jack to push the button. I'm actually in it, but I'm kinda on the sidelines. I just like being a spectator on set for it.

TLI: If you could change a scene of a previous episode on Lost, which one would it be, how would you change it and why would you change it?
I'd probably cut the scene where Hurley dips mango in ranch dressing.

TLI: During which scene did you have the most fun?
Driving the van was fun.

TLI: If you had to pick any other actor to play the role of Hurley who would you pick?
I don't know.

TLI: Do you want to know Libby's back story as much as the fans do?

TLI: Are you enjoying the Dharma Initiative 70s storyline?
The jumpsuits are a lot of fun.

TLI: The information we have on Episode 13 so far implies that Hurley and Miles are going to have a lot of screen time. Would you consider this episode to be a Hurley centric, a Miles centric, or is the focus pretty much equally balanced?
Well it's not hurley centric.

TLI: Does Hurley get some kick-ass lines/scenes in episode 13?

TLI: What do The Numbers mean to you?
I don't really think about them too much.

TLI: Why do you think Hurley can see Jacob’s Cabin?
Because he's "touched"

TLI: How many times in your life did someone walk up to you and said “Dude…”?
Don't know. It happened today though.

TLI: Do you like it when people recognize you and ask for an autograph or a photo?
It's usually fine.

TLI: Did you film scenes for upcoming episodes with people Hurley has never interacted with before? (Richard, Faraday etc.)

TLI: Which character/actor would you like to spend more screen time with?
I don't know. I enjoy shooting with everybody.

TLI: Do you think you’re going to cry when you finished shooting/watching the last scene of season 6?
I might.

TLI: I want to thank you for taking the time for this interview. But also, on behalf of all the fans, thank you for taking the time answering questions on The Fuselage Forum.

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